Tree Following July 2015

Tree following was dreamed up by Lucy at Loose and Leafy, where you will find lots of links to other bloggers taking part. Last month my post was too late to put my link on Loose and Leafy, but it’s here anyway!

hawsMy hawthorn tree is looking very lush and fruitful at the moment. In fact the whole area around it seems little touched by the recent hot spell and all looks green, leafy and abundant.

Yeading BrookMost of the trees and shrubs have finished blossoming – just a few flowers still on some of the brambles. The roses which were in full bloom last month have all finished now. As well as the haws on my tree, lots of other plants are focused on producing fruit now. There are plenty of sloes on the blackthorn.

sloesAnd so many blackberries.

20150713_161716The wild flowers I noticed over the last few weeks have mostly died back now, but there are a few new ones to see this month, including bindweed and I think this yellow one is ragwort.

20150713_161754aOne thing I particularly enjoy about following my tree is that it’s made me take notice of the seasons in more detail. I’ve become much more aware of what’s going on with the plants all around the field in different months. I love seeing the way the seasons very slowly merge into one another, so this month has been a good one, seeing those hints of the coming autumn, even in high summer.

bindweedIn fact I think I’ve neglected my tree because I’ve become more interested in looking at the field as a whole rather than just one tree. I’m not sure if that’s in the spirit of Tree Following, but I suppose it’s ok to go wherever it takes you!

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