Tree Following June 2015 / #30DaysWild Day 15

I’m following a tree

I have to confess I forgot all about my tree and missed Lucy’s Tree Following window this month. This morning I decided to walk the dog along that route and take some up to date photos of my hawthorn’s progress.hawthorn leaves

The slightly disappointing thing about my tree, is that, being part of a hedge, the first 8-9 feet of it are barely visible for a lot of the year because of the other plants growing around it., This is lovely in some ways but makes it difficult to follow the tree itself and the way it changes from month to month. So I decided to take a few close up photos of what I could see in the area around the hawthorn.



This month the hedgerow stars are roses and brambles. The blackberries are just starting to form – I am hoping for a good harvest later in the year.

honeybee on bramble

I think this is hogweed growing next to the brook – quite an impressive plant.


Plenty of grasses – thankfully I am the only member of my family not suffering from hayfever at the moment.


And the first speckled wood butterfly I’ve seen this year.

speckled wood butterfly

I also made a short and very poor video mainly to record the birdsong as I’m very conscious that the photos miss out a huge amount of what’s going on in my hedgerow (it’s a pity there’s not a way to record smells too).  Apologies for the shakiness – I had the dog on a lead in my other hand so not easy to keep still, and a couple of military planes kept flying past (RAF Northolt is almost next door) so it took me a few goes to get a recording of birds rather than planes.

I saw a blackbird flying into the tree, but it sounds like there are other birds there. I so wish I could get to grips with identifying birdsong. I’m the sort of person who doesn’t recognise tunes my children have been learning for the last 6 months for piano exams and playing several times a day, so no wonder listening to birdsong CDs seems to be getting me nowhere. Please let me know if you have any tips to make it easier.

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