#30DaysWild Day 14 – Allotment

I didn’t manage anything especially wild for yesterday’s 30 Days Wild, but this afternoon was spent weeding the allotment, a long overdue and very satisfying task.allotment2

We weeded 4 out of our 13 raised beds and I then pottered around, planted some flowers, lettuces and sweet peas which have been ready to plant out for weeks but I just hadn’t got round to it for one reason or another. allotment3Most of the other plots are looking far more productive than ours, but we did cut a big bag of asparagus, which we will have to stop picking in a week or so. One of the other plotholders very kindly let my son pick a bag of strawberries, which really are so much tastier home grown and freshly picked than any I’ve ever bought from a supermarket.

allotment foxglove nepeta

allotment robin

While we finished up, our son decided to build himself a den from a pile of scrap wood at the end of the site.

allotment den

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