Day 9 #30DaysWild – A Walk by the A40

For Day 9 of 30 Days Wild I went for a wonderful walk on the playing fields alongside the A40 in Uxbridge. DSC_0071This might sounds unpromising, with 6 lanes of one of the busiest roads into London bordering one side of the field, but actually it’s a beautiful area.DSC_0029

There are hedgerows , wildflowers, woods, a river and an overgrown former ski slope, all making a wonderful habitat for a range of birds, insects and other creatures.DSC_0065

DSC_0013And just to prove there really is a huge road next to all this loveliness…DSC_0057

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4 Responses to Day 9 #30DaysWild – A Walk by the A40

  1. Looks like this was a lovely walk.


    • Catherine says:

      Yes, one of the reasons I like it is because it looks so unpromising from ‘outside’ – as well as the A40, there’s a big leisure centre car park on the other side, and then suddenly you’re in a lovely, peaceful green place and can barely see all the cars and roads and buildings 🙂


  2. Anne Hercock says:

    Nature fights back in the loveliest ways.


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