Day 8 #30DaysWild – Street Trees

I had an unexpectedly busy weekend so didn’t manage to write about days 6 and 7, though I did make sure to look and listen to nature more than normal when I was walking the dog over the last couple of days, so I kept up with the project, even though I didn’t blog about it.

a20150607_173115Back to normal today, so I decided to take a look at some of the street trees in my area. I thought I already noticed these, but I was surprised by the variety of species, the number of recently planted trees as well as lots of mature trees, which must be providing habitats for a range of wildlife – quite heartening to see so much greenery on suburban streets.

a20150607_170915I realised I could spend a lot longer doing this and also identifying some of the trees I was unsure about. I think this is something I’ll come back to (and with my camera rather than my phone) after the 30 Days Wild is over.


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