Day 3 #30DaysWild – Clouds

Today for 30 Days Wild I spent some time looking at clouds. I don’t know anything at all about different types of clouds, but I would like to teach myself. If anyone can recommend a book or website for a beginner please let me know.

20150603_170446 20150603_170455 20150603_170514 20150603_175128 20150603_175133 20150603_175143 20150603_185052 20150603_185251


And a couple more, taken the following morning:

20150604_085959 20150604_085947-1


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2 Responses to Day 3 #30DaysWild – Clouds

  1. The Cloud Folk are wondrous, magical and mysterious. It’s not all about the science, it is also about how we perceive our wider,wilder reality.


    • Catherine says:

      I think I do appreciate the magic and am happy to while away time gazing up at the sky, but I also feel I am missing out on something by not knowing anything about the science…


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