Tree Following – May 2015

Tree following was started by Lucy – info on how to join in can be found on her blog, Loose and Leafy.

I am very last minute with my post this month, and I had hoped to write a lot about all the nature and signs of spring in the area immediately around my tree, but I am running out of time to put my link on Lucy’s blog, so I’m afraid it’s just a short post about blossom.

DSC_0437I think of hawthorn blossom looking like great big white wands wafting up and down on the roadside – something like this:DSC_0450

But this month I’ve had a really good look at the beautiful, delicate flowers. The newer flowers have bright pink anthers.

DSC_0451This spring I’ve particularly appreciated the succession of blossom. It’s hard to believe the fruit trees and blackthorn, which were flowering away a month ago are now almost wholly green, but I think this makes me appreciate the spectacle of hawthorn all the more.DSC_0475


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2 Responses to Tree Following – May 2015

  1. Lucy Corrander says:

    There are many hawthorn trees where I live – either side of a path. When the wind blows the white petals come down in storms – May Weddings!


  2. Magnificent blooms! Thanks for sharing.


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