Autumn at RHS Wisley

I visited the RHS garden at Wisley at the weekend for the first time since the spring.

DSC_0060 (640x427)I expected to come away with hundreds of photos of autumn leaves, but what really struck me was how beautiful the grasses and the dying stems and seed heads of perennials were looking. This grass is Miscanthus sinesis ‘Yakushima Dwarf’.

Miscanthus sinesis 'Yakushima Dwarf'

 It’s not just the shrubs and evergreens which provide structure and interest when summer foliage and blooms are dying back, as the Veronica and Phlomis in these photos show.


DSC_0061 (2) (434x640)

This furry seed head is a Japanese anemone, ‘Robustissima’.

Anemone x hybrida 'Robustissima'

DSC_0068 (2) (640x503)

DSC_0072 (2) (640x427)Dead and decaying plant material can also provide vital food and places to hibernate or shelter for a range of wildlife over the winter, so it’s well worth waiting until spring before clearing them away.

DSC_0069 (640x427)

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