Fungi in Black Park

I went for a short walk in Black Park (near Slough) this morning, while the rest of my family were doing Parkrun. I’d expected to take some autumnal views and didn’t take my macro lens, but I ended up fungus-spotting. Any help with identification much appreciated. DSC_0812 DSC_0814 (2) DSC_0852 Most of the fungi were on rotting trees. The ones below were on a stack of felled logs, I think probably conifers. DSC_0853 (2) DSC_0854 (2) DSC_0856 (2) Just as we were heading back to the car park I spotted this storybook poisonous red spotty toadstool – a fly agaric. DSC_0867 (2) DSC_0869

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  1. Lucy Corrander says:

    I can rarely identify fungi but almost always find them beautiful.


  2. jovisgoes says:

    Hi Catherine.
    Starting at the top and following down in order. 1) I think this is a ‘Porcelain Fungi’. 2) The larger fungi is a’ Parasol Fungi’ with what appears to be ‘Porcelain Fungi’ growing by it or on it. 3) The one on the left is ‘Coprinus’ an the common one on the right is from a group called generically ‘polypores’. That particular one is ‘Coriolus Versicolor’, otherwise called simply a ‘many-zoned polypore’. The numbers 4) 5) 6) appear to be varieties of number 3) where they have gone into ‘cannibal’ stage and developed or been invaded by a mould which is destroying them to start the process all over again. 7) 8) These are indeed ‘Amanita Muscaria’ commonly called ‘Fly Agaric’, and are considered poisonous, though apparently not after they have been boiled.

    Hope that is helpful Catherine.

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  3. jovisgoes says:

    Might be able to find out for you…I’ll be back. Excellent photos.


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