Bees in the garden

DSC_0366 (2)

Honey bee on an aster. I’m seeing very few honey bees now it’s getting colder, but still quite a few bumblebees.

DSC_0369 (3)

Bumblebee on buddleja. I cut this buddleja back by about a third in late July. It looked very scruffy for most of August but the hack is paying off now as it’s been back in full flower for the last 3-4 weeks and still attracting lots of bees, whereas my other buddleja, which I did not prune in the summer, finished flowering in early September.

DSC_0330 (2)

Bumblebee on Dahlia ‘Happy Single Wink’. I think the bumblebees are both common carder bees, but let me know if you think differently.

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